SEED Partners - Mission-Driven Energy and Water Services
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SEED Partners, established by nonprofit LINC Housing, has specialized expertise in sustainable retrofits of multifamily housing. SEED’s work to date in retrofitting 18 of LINC Housing’s properties has resulted in $140,000 per year in savings on owner-paid energy and water costs. SEED has built relationships with utilities, government agencies, and other sustainability partners - all in its effort to thoroughly understand the regulations, unique challenges, and distinct opportunities inherent to bringing water and energy efficiency, and energy generation to multifamily properties.
What SEED Offers:
From audit to construction to measurement, SEED’s subject-matter experts offer standardized processes, tools, and resources that are easily customized for multifamily owners and developers. Our close relationships with utilities help leverage incentives and rebates.

With SEED Partners, you’re way ahead on the learning curve. We can help you reach your sustainability goals without the need for you to invest in more staff.

Services Include:
  • energy audits and modeling
  • Green Property Needs Assessment
  • design services
  • architecture and engineering
    (mechanical, electrical and
  • project financing options
    and sources
  • construction cost estimates
  • payback analysis and life cycle
    cost analysis for improvements
  • project and construction
  • measurement and verification
    including post-improvement
  • property management training
  • operations and maintenance
  • resident engagement programs

SEED Partners LLC is the mission-driven energy and water services company
of LINC Housing Corporation.